Infinite verification technology.


PT Indoliquid Technology Sukses was founded in 2016 by combining Liquid’s advanced technologies to enable large-scale biometric authentication platform with world’s highest level of accuracy and speed, together with Salim Group’s expertise in Indonesian market and international trade sector. Indoliquid is a fingerprint technology development that supports convenient future lifestyle platform in Indonesia. Not only used for identity verification, the potential of this technology is plenty. The main goal is to provide more convenient and improved security in Fintech technology by simplifying the business process through fingerprint.


To become a solution to support convenient future lifestyle by providing reliable and competent biometric authentication platform throughout the region.


  1. Maintaining consistency to the service quality and giving the best solution in biometric technology.
  2. Working consistently to innovate by providing a reliable, flexible and efficient intelligent authentication platform.


Our products consist of hardware and software that can be easily and safely integrated. Thus, providing guarantee for product quality and data security that has been registered and licensed.


Biometric technology works by using unique identifier. A fingerprint scanner will recognize your unique fingerprint.


Users only need to register their biometric information once through our system.


A technology that allows credit card-less payments and a membership card-less (royalty card) payment solution.


The fingerprint scanner has 3 fingerprint sensors. By combining a biometric authentication engine (“Liquid engine”), we achieve highly accurate personal verification.


“Liquid Casher Machine Application”- the application for the casher system is pre-installed on the tablet, so you can use as soon as it is delivered to your shop. If you add and connect the “Liquid fingerprint scanner” to the casher machine, you can provide card-less and cash-less payment to the customer.

Why Us ?

Constantly providing innovation and solution to the customers.
We have the commitment and expertise to the product and services.
 Integrated system that easily linked to another system to support your productivity.
 We have the infrastructure that can store a large number of fingerprints.


1. Distributed Networks

User’s biometric authentication information are safely indexed and stored in the server.

2. Unique Approach – Indexing and Mathematical Approach

Issue unique index ID based on minutiae data scanning with mathematical analyzing approach. Be able to identify one particular user’s ID from mega size pool of data solely based on biometric image scanning. Only store indexed data – does not scan fingerprint itself. Unable to recreate fingerprint image in case of data stolen.

3. Combination of image searching with deep learning process

Ultimate speed FP image searching and authentication response by running ML process – extract minutiae feature data, analyzing, indexing and data elimination.


We strive to implement a user-friendly and reliable biometric authentication platform for many industries such as manufacturing, agribusiness, distribution and retail, hotel and resort, financial services, and e-commerce.


Every transaction, as well as the amount of payment, the data security is safely guaranteed to maximizes efficiency.

Credit Payment

Credit payment for mobile phone can be done easily with fingerprint and enhanced security.

Electricity token payment

Ease of paying electricity token with reliable security for personal data.

E-Commerce Payment

We provide safe and convenient payment method for online shopping with modern and adequate technology system.

Cash Register

Payment tool that integrates with fingerprint system so it can be processed for purchase and payment activities.

Verification Data

Safe and convenient for data verification with short waiting time.


Attendance machine designed specifically with technology that can display data based on fingerprints.


The latest updates of our company and solutions.

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