The new biometric technology nowadays are using the physical characteristic of human, fingerprint, face recognition for identification and authentification. The aim of this technology is reduce the need of using card, password, key and other things that can be lost, replaced and duplicated. This platform attend to give the easy yet secure authentification to people’s life.

One of the example of the application of the biometric authentification is the “Huis Ten Bosch” amusement park in Nagasaki, Japan. They use the Liquid technology to for their payment process where the visitor register their fingerprint through the system. After the fingerprint’s registration, they can do the payment in the restaurant, buy the souvenir in the store without bringing their wallet. This makes the visitor feel free and easier while doing the payment process.

The example of Biometric authentification device. (Source: Indoliquid)

In Japan, AEON Bank apply Liquid technology by providing the biometric authentification device in the Teller Machine in Japan to support the transaction without password and card. User only needs to register their biometric information once in one of the branches and they are able to do transaction without password and card. Other than that, AEON Bank also planning to expand this service in all region.