Biometric technology is considered expensive and not yet widely available, years ago. However, the growth of smart devices and the increasing number of interactions in the autentication and identification are rapidly evolving and in line with existence of biometric authentication in the world.
Biometrics market is expected to continue to evolve and grow globally because of the increased amount of time spent in internet usage each day, especially for activities related to online shopping, banking and e-money and technological advances.

“Through this Joint Venture, we will provide to the consumer, authentication platform that is reliable. With the expertise of Liquid Inc in creating a large scale biometric authentication platform and our experience in managing a large-scale business network, we believe this platform will bring benefits to our customers and its ecosystem,” said Anthoni Salim – Chairman of Salim Group.

An ATM with biometric technology (source: Indoliquid)

Earlier this year, Indoliquid business activities have been initiated by providing large-scale biometric authentication platform that is reliable. Indoliquid also develop and provide their original technologies to support digital transformation in Indonesia. Therefore, the next generation of distribution platforms, payment technology for biometric applications that will contribute to e-commerce and e-payment at retail stores in Indonesia and global markets will be developed and promoted by Indoliquid.In the future, Indoliquid will also create and support the very secure payment platform that will support the lifestyle of Indonesian society to be more convenient, where such technology and business opportunities have been successfully developed by Liquid Inc. In Japan.